Whether you are buying for yourself a friend or partner choosing the right size is key.

To help you finding the right fit we have put together a few tools and tips. 


T I P S 
Measure your fingers in the evening, this is when they are at their largest.
Avoid measuring when you are cold, as your fingers could be half a size smaller.
Measure your fingers a few times to ensure the correct size reading.
If purchasing a ring which has a wider band, we recommend going one size up. 
If you are in between two sizes we recommend going with the bigger size.

S T E P  1
Wrap a piece of string around the base of your finger. 
With a pen mark the string where the ends meet. 
Use a ruler to measure the length of the string. 
Measure the length from the starting end of the string. 
You will then have the circumference measurement of your finger in millimetres.

S T E P  2
Use the ring size conversion chart below for an estimation of your ring size.


S T E P  1
Measure your wrist by wrapping a tape measure around.

S T E P  2
Decide which fit is the most comfortable for you by using the table below and add the relevant value to your wrist measurement.


Wrist measurement + Fit type = Bracelet Size
Use the table below to find our recommended bracelet size.